Portable Windows/Linux Doomseeker client.
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Appimage Support (Multi)

Debian 10 (Buster)

LMDE 4 Debbie

Appimage Support (Ubuntu)


Linux Mint 20 - newer

Appimage Support (Fedora)

Fedora 33

You must run "sudo dnf upgrade qt5-qtbase" in order to run the appimage. (not needed if all packages are up to date.


Open the skyn3t-doom-client/win32 directory and run setup.bat


If you move the game files to a new directory, the desktop file/shourtcut will need to be updated. (you can run setup.bat to do this.) It is best to find a more permanent placement for the game.


Help us improve the application by opening issues regarding whether or not an appimage works on your distro with details. including, console output, errors, etc.

If you can verify that an appimage works on your distro and isn't listed here, please open an issue with your distro name to be added to the appimage support list