Handbrake presets for transcoding video files
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Presets for transcoding video files.

SKYN3T Transcoding Requirements:

Use Handbrake for transcoding. Link: https://handbrake.fr/downloads.php

IMPORTANT!: Handbrake by default will set output file format as "m4v", change this to "mp4".

Video File Format: MP4 ONLY! Movies: 1080p or lower if not available (MAXIMUM 1080p ONLY!) TV Shows: 720p or lower if not available (MAXIMUM 720p ONLY!)

For Movies, you must use the movie preset and for shows, use the shows preset.

Proper metadata must be present on all files! e.g. artwork, names, year, etc.

Naming Schemes:

Tv Show Filename Example: Futurama - 1x01 - Space Pilot 3000 (name - S#XE# - episodename) Tv Show Title Tag Example: Space Pilot 3000 (episodename)

Movie Filename Example: Monsters, Inc. (2001) "name (year)" keep parenthesis on year. Movie Title Tag Example: same as filename

AutoTV Tagger can be used to automatically name and apply metadata on tv shows. (file names need to be cohesive, e.g. Futurama.s01e01.mp4) AutoTV Tagger may not work with all content. link: https://sourceforge.net/projects/autotvtagger/files/latest/download