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RedstoneHelper Spigot/Bukkit Plugin

Makes working with redstone less difficult.


Hold shift & place a supported block that has a direction, and it'll flip the direction upon placement.

Hold shift & right click a composter or end portal frame to fill it. Will also show you if it is filled or how much level is in the composter on the player's action bar.


Reverse direction

Allows players to reverse (flip) the direction a block when placed.

Supported blocks:

  • Piston
  • Sticky piston
  • Repeater
  • Redstone torch (walls)
  • Dropper
  • Dispenser
  • Comparator
  • Observer

Adding your own supported blocks is easy. Just go into config.yml and add the block.

Refer to this for correct block names.


Allows players to shift + right click these blocks to change their "fullness" Supported blocks are:

  • Composter
  • End portal frame

Other features

  • Allows players to shift + right click a redstone wire then it'll output the power level to the action bar.

Commands & permissions

Command Permission Description
/redstonehelp none Shows information about the plugin
/redstonehelp reload redstonehelp.reload Reloads the plugin configuration

Default configuration

# RedstoneHelper v1.4
# Enable or disable the functions of the plugin
enabled: true
  # Enable or disable ALL reversals.
  enabled: true
  #You can add your own types here.
  #Refer to for the correct block names
    - "PISTON"
    - "REPEATER"
    - "DROPPER"
    - "OBSERVER"
  #Enable or disable the fill function of this plugin
  enabled: true
    # Enable or disable the supported blocks
    # Do not add your own here, will not do anything.
      enabled: true
      enabled: true
  # Enable or disable fetching the level of a redstone wire
  enabled: true
    # Do not add your own here, will not do anything.
      enabled: true

Tested versions

  • 1.16.3


You may pull request if you feel you can contribute to the plugin's development.


  • Filling support for furnaces.