Collection of various utilities to aid redstone engineers
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Redstone Utilities

Collection of various utilities to aid redstone engineers

This plugin is development do not expect it to work yet

Developer To-Do list

This is a TO-DO list for testing correct functionality of the various features inside the plugin



Command Permission Description
/RedstoneUtilities N/A Shows information related to the plugin
/RedstoneUtilities reload redstoneutilities.reload Reloads the plugin's configuration
/Bin2dec redstoneutilities.bin2dec Converts binary to decimal
/Bin2hex redstoneutilities.bin2hex Converts binary to hexadecimal
/Dec2bin redstoneutilities.dec2bin Converts decimal to binary
/Dec2hex redstoneutilities.dec2hex Converts decimal to hexadecimal
/Hex2bin redstoneutilities.hex2bin Converts hexadecimal to binary
/Hex2dec redstoneutilities.hex2dec Converts hexadecimal to decimal


Function Permission Description
Filler All redstoneutilties.filler Allows access to the filler functionalities.
Filler End Portal Frame redstoneutilties.filler.end_portal_frame Allows access to fill end portal frames
Filler Composter redstoneutilties.filler.composter Allows access to fill composters
Reverser All redstoneutilties.reverser Allows access to the reverser functionalities.
Fetch All redstoneutilities.fetch Allows access to the action bar fetch information functionalities.