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  mark-sch 04e7a5dcd3 adding ubuntu installation guide from discord user marty 1 year ago
  Mark Sch 6cca55d307
Descibing the bot purpose in README 1 year ago
  Mark Sch bd3c070a98
Merge pull request #2 from ignatisD/PR-fix-paperTrader 1 year ago
  iggi da84af29b8 Updated PaperTrader updatePosition method to correctly report the amount when the advice is 'short'. Also, at tradeCompleted event send a clone of the portfolio so that it is reported correctly. 1 year ago
  Mark Sch f28218aba5
Update README.md 1 year ago
  mark-sch 12d25fce13 Added Zignaly Broadcaster plugin 1 year ago
  mark-sch bd89f5d4fc Updated sample-eth.js config description in README 1 year ago
  mark-sch 9d2d45a8c0 Updated T5mainasync.js strategy to receive onOrderbook events 1 year ago
  mark-sch b5ac9fe97a Added Insufficient Funds error handling 1 year ago
  mark-sch d4e9da846c Added no db config description 1 year ago
  mark-sch 0eefce2f3b No db is necessary when using Gekko Cloud markets. Added nodb config option. 1 year ago
  mark-sch 27c87bebd4 Release Green Gekko 2020 r282 1 year ago
  Mark Sch d148cc4b3f Fixed multiple candle subscriptions from Gekko Cloud 1 year ago
  Mark Sch 596a80d54f Added Error -2011 for binance exchange wrapper 1 year ago
  Mark Sch 732601708b Added orderbook broadcasting to Gekko Cloud 1 year ago
  mark-sch 84ea0fa951 Expose onOrderbook event to strategies 1 year ago
  mark-sch bbb0b0d6ac Added getOrderbook implementation for binance 1 year ago
  mark-sch b6b8875a28 Added orderbook support to kraken exchange and gekko event pipeline (processOrderbook) 1 year ago
  mark-sch 57d1d003c8 Fixed API:Rate limit exceeded for kraken exchange imports 1 year ago
  mark-sch 969af50f1b Fix async call in redis plugin 2 years ago
  mark-sch 85f03ade63 T5optimizer improvements 2 years ago
  Mark Sch 4d910ca948
Update README.md 2 years ago
  mark-sch ac74e50108 Improved T5optimizer, new optimizer backtest results 2 years ago
  mark-sch 8b13d75a43 Merge 2 years ago
  mark-sch d6c50ad098 Version update to 2019.0.68.269 2 years ago
  mark-sch 9634561ea4 Initial T5optimizer strategy / purpose is to run side-by-side to the main strategy and optimize RSI tresholds on the fly 2 years ago
  mark-sch b859a8f800 Modified config files / tresholds 2 years ago
  Mike van Rossum 0ce9ddd577 add the rocktrading to list of supported exchanges 2 years ago
  Mike van Rossum a897676bed [importer] remove debug logging 2 years ago
  Mike van Rossum da3f42c6e3 [GB] add therocktrading dep to GB 2 years ago
  Mike van Rossum b1534fe7ba refer to correct npm dep 2 years ago
  Davide Barbieri bb0544fddc therocktrading wrapper 2 years ago
  Davide Barbieri 7184062104 therocktrading importer 2 years ago
  Adam Novak 702b55212c Allow turning on SSL in Docker 2 years ago
  Mike van Rossum 2e080005ea do not require trader config key on standalone backtest 2 years ago
  Mike van Rossum 8352ce2607 [hotix] basetrader syntax typo 2 years ago
  Mike van Rossum f6f28dc513 catch postgres connection errors 2 years ago
  Mike van Rossum 6d3efa51ae never suppress error logs 2 years ago
  Mike van Rossum 02c9e87e49 always use requiredHistory from the config 2 years ago
  Mike van Rossum 3a9c76e5ab [poloniex] add getFullPortfolio & fill data on cancel 2 years ago
  Mike van Rossum 2e767cdddc [coinfcalcon] catch errors with unclear mutation 2 years ago
  Mike van Rossum 6522e6f010 [binance] implement getOpenOrders 2 years ago
  Mike van Rossum 114012d50f catch numerous race conditions in mutate sticky logic 2 years ago
  Mike van Rossum a143345a6a emit reject state after setting it 2 years ago
  Mike van Rossum bb98b525d4 [DOCS] add small note on monetizing gekko strats using Gekko Plus 2 years ago
  Mike van Rossum 3a5f7aaac9 add config entry for candle uploader 2 years ago
  Mike van Rossum 3efdb266a9 register candle uploader plugin 2 years ago
  crypto49er 0fcd02b998 Use roundTrip for P&L 2 years ago
  crypto49er 18f05b5200 Changed blotter write to async 2 years ago
  crypto49er 5d36ee0b6a Added blotter plugin 2 years ago