73 Commits (ddc2b2c5321dfa74e1da7734cede9b3a2bdf10cf)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  mark-sch ddc2b2c532 Added SHORT TRADING backtesting feature 8 months ago
  mark-sch bd89f5d4fc Updated sample-eth.js config description in README 1 year ago
  mark-sch 27c87bebd4 Release Green Gekko 2020 r282 1 year ago
  Mark Sch 732601708b Added orderbook broadcasting to Gekko Cloud 1 year ago
  mark-sch ac74e50108 Improved T5optimizer, new optimizer backtest results 2 years ago
  mark-sch d6c50ad098 Version update to 2019.0.68.269 2 years ago
  Mike van Rossum a897676bed [importer] remove debug logging 2 years ago
  mark-sch a201047c60 Fixed occasionally insufficient fund bug 2 years ago
  mark-sch 3a22c9d0a7 Add trade origin to chart 2 years ago
  mark-sch ff2bfbc0c9 Updated xmpp/client to v0.7.0. Sample Gekko Cloud updates 2 years ago
  mark-sch adb092184e Updated node.js requirement to >=10.13.0. Added @xmpp/client and new pg lib 2 years ago
  mark-sch e2347711ad Updated revision number to 188 2 years ago
  mark-sch 0d04f90f8b New Green Gekki version 2 years ago
  Mike van Rossum 1f5d1f3405 v0.6.8 2 years ago
  Mike van Rossum 0ec34c63d8
Feature/backtest tweaks (#2667) 2 years ago
  Mike van Rossum 219f8238f6
v0.6.7 (#2611) 3 years ago
  mark.sch eabccfcf35 Update package-lock.json 3 years ago
  Mike van Rossum f27b3ce4cb v0.6.6 3 years ago
  Mike van Rossum 47f4a49882 bundle current version ws dep, fix #2476 3 years ago
  Kgadi Kenneth Mphele 1152f8c417 rm lodash forloop to increase stability (#2454) 3 years ago
  Mike van Rossum f9363397b4
v0.6.5 (#2428) 3 years ago
  mark.sch 159b4e3c85 fixed tradeEvent handling at telegrambot 3 years ago
  Mike van Rossum f9990e5c5d
remove twitter & pushbullet plugin dependencies from main repo (#2409) 3 years ago
  Mike van Rossum 4fd55a1ff1
remove slack dependency that is triggering warnings (#2408) 3 years ago
  mark.sch 88a6de6c4c updated dependencies 3 years ago
  Wei Ken dcb325b2d3 rename bitx to luno (#2352) 3 years ago
  Mike van Rossum 5cad680e74 temp revert bfx dep to main repo (fixes importer) 3 years ago
  Mike van Rossum 576c968dd6 remove exchange dependencies from main projecty 3 years ago
  mark.sch 90f86bd945 Fixed corrupted package-lock.js 3 years ago
  Mike van Rossum 449c4243a4 update package-lock after #2309 3 years ago
  Mike van Rossum 2ca129ca02 mv bittrex dep to GB, update version 3 years ago
  mark.sch 394f19f4a6 htbtc2 bugfix and telegrambot extension 3 years ago
  mark.sch 2315abc6a7 added tulind and talib packages 3 years ago
  mark.sch deee356ae2 merged postgresql pool patch into v0.6 code, part2 3 years ago
  mark.sch a113424dea Rewritten PostgreSQL plugin for using connection pooling and transactional candle upserts (required postgres 9.5+) 3 years ago
  Mike van Rossum ca4f4d646c move redeceState export back to commonJS and exclude from babel transpile 3 years ago
  mark.sch 68f566eaeb added often used packages 3 years ago
  mark.sch 1507a2256e configured postgresql as primary db 3 years ago
  Mike van Rossum b9d4c2aa9d allow for whitelist of events to log 3 years ago
  Mike van Rossum ea6df427ff remove tulind & talib from default deps 3 years ago
  Mike van Rossum 658bf76eba remove cp.js 3 years ago
  Mike van Rossum b080ff71ef update required node version to 8.11.2 3 years ago
  Mike van Rossum 56dc156713 rm polo deps from main gekko 3 years ago
  Mike van Rossum 8e4ed39d18 rm gekko broker exchange deps from gekkos dependencies 3 years ago
  Mike van Rossum 306b1de88a init limit and sticky order 3 years ago
  Mike van Rossum accc40663f update lockfile with updated bitco-id package 3 years ago
  Marco Franssen bf81f53479 Updated moment from 2.19.3 to 2.20.1 3 years ago
  Marco Franssen 067c2de83c Updated sinon from 1.17.7 to 4.2.0 3 years ago
  Marco Franssen 46368939c3 Updated chai from 2.3.0 to 4.1.2 3 years ago
  Marco Franssen da0b576041 Updated mocha from 2.5.3 to 5.0.0 3 years ago