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sed -i 's/' /usr/src/app/web/vue/dist/UIconfig.js
sed -i 's/localhost/'${HOST}'/g' /usr/src/app/web/vue/dist/UIconfig.js
sed -i 's/3000/'${API_PORT}'/g' /usr/src/app/web/vue/dist/UIconfig.js
sed -i 's/443/'${UI_PORT}'/g' /usr/src/app/web/vue/dist/UIconfig.js
if [[ "${USE_SSL:-0}" == "1" ]] ; then
sed -i 's/ssl: false/ssl: true/g' /usr/src/app/web/vue/dist/UIconfig.js
# This will insert the correct database adapter in both disUI and vueUI
sed -i 's/sqlite/'${DATABASE_ADAPTER}'/g' /usr/src/app/web/vue/dist/UIconfig.js
sed -i 's/sqlite/'${DATABASE_ADAPTER}'/g' /usr/src/app/web/vue/public/UIconfig.js
exec node gekko "$@"