crypto trading bot
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ZER0 COOL 722c682d13 unf***ed gekko, to be sane and more portable. 5 months ago
orders Merge 1 year ago
triggers Changed trailingStop to a targeted trailingStop functionality 2 years ago
util/genMarketFiles [GB] Add GBP, ADA and QTUM to Kraken & make coinbase markets dynamic (#2606) 2 years ago
wrappers unf***ed gekko, to be sane and more portable. 5 months ago
.npmignore ignore priv folder 3 years ago [gb] update docs 3 years ago
dependencyCheck.js [GB] check installed deps & log user friendly error, fix #2455 2 years ago
exchangeChecker.js hook up gekko broker to trader plugin 3 years ago
exchangeErrors.js add retry prop to retryable error 3 years ago
exchangeUtils.js [GB] init caching func for static API calls 2 years ago
gekkoBroker.js Added orderbook support to kraken exchange and gekko event pipeline (processOrderbook) 1 year ago
package-lock.json Improved T5optimizer, new optimizer backtest results 1 year ago
package.json Merge 1 year ago
portfolioManager.js update cf to properly process resp 3 years ago
trigger.js make sure we only move the trail up 2 years ago

Gekko Broker

see the docs.