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ZER0 COOL d9ccbc164d updpated some env 5 months ago
indicators Added rolling/repainting indicator feature for TulipAsync 2 years ago
BB-async.js Async init fix 2 years ago
CCI.js Correct CCI Indicator (#2162) 3 years ago
DEBUG_single-advice.js make sure we only move the trail up 2 years ago
DEBUG_toggle-advice.js Update Luno (#2417) 3 years ago
DEMA.js Fix Dema (#1822), fix #1812 3 years ago
ForecastV3.js Make ForecastV3 strategy compatible for container concept 2 years ago
MACD.js indicators - direct load 3 years ago
PPO.js ppo output to this.result for api exposure (#1443) 3 years ago
RSI.js change strat to use correct indicator output 3 years ago
StochRSI.js indicators - direct load 3 years ago
T5cloudstrat.js Release Green Gekko 2020 r282 1 year ago
T5coworker.js Release Green Gekko 2020 r282 1 year ago
T5mainasync.js Updated T5mainasync.js strategy to receive onOrderbook events 1 year ago
T5multimarket.js Print candles after warmup and in realtime mode: T5multimarket strat 2 years ago
T5optimizer.js T5optimizer improvements 1 year ago
TMA.js New trading strategy: Triple Moving Average 3 years ago
TSI.js Update TSI.js 3 years ago
UO.js Update strategies 3 years ago
custom.js indicators - direct load 3 years ago
noop.js move `/methods` to `/strategies` 4 years ago
talib-macd.js indicators - direct load 3 years ago
tulip-adx.js add tulip example strat configs, see #2341 3 years ago
tulip-macd.js Fix output value names on tulip-macd 3 years ago
tulip-multi-strat.js fixed strat name 3 years ago
varPPO.js Update varPPO.js 3 years ago