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Green Gekko npm Build Status Build status

An Interactive Crypto Trading Bot, askmike/gekko v0.6.8 backwards compatible

Operate with a Telegram bot Gekko with Telegram in admin mode
Gekko with telegram bot Gekko with telegram in admin mode

See screenshots folder

New: Gekko Cloud integration

  • Allows the connection of Gekko bot instances all over the world in realtime
  • Gekko Cloud has a fair-use principle, share your trading signals (but keep your strategy private) and get access to foreign strategy signals and candles. Give and take.
  • Write new trading strategies by combining remote advices/candles with local strategy coding. See sample config and strategy to get started. Run: node gekko.js --config config-cloudstrategy.js
  • Subscribe to fair-use, free or paid Gekko Cloud channels. Signal publishers determine the category and fee.
  • Execute your strategy signals multiple times for friends or family crypto accounts
  • Uses fast TCP socket connections, extended XMPP protocol standards

Green Gekko Features

  • Extended trading-strategy possibilities:
    • Heikin-Ashi candles core support, e.g. use candle.ha.close instead of candle.close inside your strategy
    • set trading amount while giving advice (e.g. buy with 50% of my portfolio)
    • allow market making or market taking order execution options
    • speedup in the internal event pipeline. Force undelayed advice execution by setting config.tradingAdvisor.fastAdviceEmit: true
    • receive "onCandle" events to allow developers building multi-timeframe strategies.
    • receive "onAdvice" events for plugin-to-plugin communication, e.g. notify the strategy with telegram initiated advices, or create containers with multiple strategies.
  • Core enhancements to write async trading strategies with new async tulip and talib wrappers. The new Green Gekko core is able to wait for async strategies without running into race conditions and allows developers to write multi-timeframe and multi-market strategies.
  • Rewritten telegram bot
    • User mode
      • list trading pair, strategy and candle size
      • get current price from exchange
      • get trading trend
      • subscribe/unsubscribe to trading advices
    • Admin mode
      • Password restricted access
      • Manually buy and sell tokens
        • with a sticky order
        • with a market taking order
        • set stop-loss and take-profit settings
      • Dynamically view and change strategy settings
      • Show exchange portfolio value
  • Advanced Postgresql DB features (used as default db to prevent sqlite lockings)
    • Rewritten postgres plugin, using connection pooling and transaction safe candle writing (Postgres 9.5+ required)
  • New command line options:
    • Checks plugin dependencies and automatically enable a plugin when it is mandatory inside a certain mode, e.g. enable the Paper Trader when in backtest mode. See new mandatoryOn property in plugins.js file.
    • New --set command line option to override config settings, e.g. --set debug=true to enable the debug mode output - no need to touch the config.js for a quick debug run
  • Additional exchanges (ccxt), supporting market watch, history import, backtesting and live trading
    • HitBtc exchange support
    • HuobiPro exchange support
    • OKEX exchange support
  • Coinmarketcap importer
    • Several exchanges, like HuobiPro and OKEX do not offer a large timeframe of history data. The universal Coinmarketcap importer allows fast imports for nearly every market to enable backtesting (based on 5 min. candles)
  • Extended log output
    • mailer.js informs with buy and sell events by mail (different to go short/long advices)
    • More info during paper trader backtesting
  • Added often used package dependencies by default to get started quickly (npm install)

Backtest examples

Getting started

  • git clone
  • cd gekko
  • npm install
  • cd exchange
  • npm install
  • cd ..
  • node gekko --config sample-eth.js --import --set debug=true
  • node gekko --config sample-eth.js --backtest --set debug=true

from time to time the exchange markets should be updated with a utility - to get new coin pairs:

  • cd exchange/util/genMarketFiles/
  • node update-kraken.js
  • node update-binance.js

(postgresql experience required to previously setup postgres. Sample config assumes an existing db user gekkodbuser, pass 1234, with added role permission to createdb. PostgreSQL 9.5+ required.)

See further info how to get started and how to setup postgresql from crypto49er at youtube

A good practice to run Gekko processes on a server is using process manager 2 tool:

pm2 start gekko.js -i 1 --name "gekko-bnb" -- --config config-bnb.js


See the documentation website.